Modern Interior Design in Dubai

Modern and Luxury Home Interior Design in Dubai

Dubai and the whole country’s architecture and design are so fascinating, elegant, and admired by many! It is influenced by Islamic and Persian cultures, and many cities in the UAE are some of the most modern and luxurious cities in the world. Dubai specifically is known to be the hub of design with all its artists, designers, architects, and interior architects. Every building whether commercial or private is designed artistically and perfectly. When it comes to the interior, the UAE’s interior designs are always fancy and modern, and there are many interior designers and architects here to help you!


If you’re looking to have a modern interior design in Dubai, then WITHIN175 is your go-to place for perfect designs!


WITHIN175, founded by Anas Zablawi in 2011, combines art and design to transform your space into a warm, comfortable yet modern and trendy one. Whether it is a business space, work office, or a private villa and house, the team works passionately and privately to create a modern interior design in Dubai. With a team of highly skilled and experienced people, able to create outstanding, marvelous designs.

Residential High-end Interior designs

WITHIN175 has handled many projects from villas/houses to offices, retreats, business spaces, and more. Every design is worked on to specifically meet the client’s needs and make it suitable to resemble the client or the brand identity and story for a modern interior design in Dubai.


What about the services offered? WITHIN175’s team of architects and designers works on creating detailed, professional designs while keeping in mind the client’s preferences and needs. It is important for the team to understand well the client and what they have in mind to be able to always deliver the best outcome and the most modern interior design in Dubai. From the color palette to the type of wood, the texture of the furniture, every small detail is covered by our team and included in the drawings.

From Imagination and Drawings to Reality

Moving on to the ground, the team has a mission to translate these drawings into reality. It is very important to make sure that every design is being well implemented in a professional way and in high quality of work to ensure a realistic realization and conceptualization of any design using the top material and all available resources.


Many of these designs are not solely inspired by the client’s preferences but can also be combined by merging different cultures or styles in interior design like a classic style, country style, European style, British specifically or simply a modern interior design in Dubai that is inspired by the Islamic and Persian cultures.


Our management team at WITHIN175 takes responsibility for all the details from design to delivery without making it complicated for the client and allowing them to relax and trust us with the whole process. WITHIN175 specialized in modern interior design in Dubai, was founded and grew there, has expanded to London, the city of design, and is currently also available in Amman, Jordan to design and turn all of your ideas and dreams into reality.


We work closely and attentively to create comfortable, warm, and high-end designs for your house, business, or work offices or any place whether for renovation or to fill up an empty space. If you’re interested and willing to renovate your house or in case you’re moving to a new space you can contact WITHIN175 through email at or or by calling them on +971 50 468 665 (Dubai), +44 20 805 91041 (London), and +962 79 878 5464 (Amman).